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MetFlex and Chill

Mar 11, 2022

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Listeners can find Paul Carter on Instagram @liftrunbang1, Twitter @liftrunbang, Facebook @lift-run-bang 

Paul Carter is a successful bodybuilder, powerlifter, fitness writer, and the founder of Lift-Run-Bang, a popular online coaching platform. Paul has spent almost 30 years of his life devoted to developing training and nutritional strategies that he has used to coach thousands of athletes. He has traveled across the world to speak and teach others how to use these methods to achieve their greatest fitness potential.

Paul is the co-author of the Maximum Muscle Bible book and also an avid writer for T-Nation, Muscle and Fitness, Flex Magazine, and You can find Paul on Instagram at @liftrunbang1.0 dropping knowledge bombs and providing practical, science-backed information to help you optimize your training and build your best physique.

In this episode, we chat about the top three overrated exercises for hypertrophy, and what exercises to replace them with to optimize training, myths around overtraining and soreness, top reasons diets fail, Paul’s opinion on warm-up exercises and more!

Top Takeaways:

  • Activation exercises and warmups explained and Paul’s opinion if you need them
  • Top three most overrated exercises for hypertrophy
  • Myths and misconceptions explained about overtraining and soreness
  • Paul answers the popular question: Can you store excess protein as body fat?
  • Top reasons that diets fail

 Show Notes:

  • [0:00] Introduction to episode trailer 
  • [0:30] Rachel gives a brief bio of guest Paul Carter @liftrunbang1.0 
  • [1:30]Welcome back to MetFlex and Chill! Rachel welcomes guest Paul Carter @liftrunbang1.0 
  • [2:00] Episode 122: How To Optimize Hypertrophy Training with Paul Carter  
  • [2:30] Paul shares about his background and experience with hypertrophy training and powerlifting
  • [5:30] Question: What do you see most commonly misused when adding modalities to exercises to try and make them more effective? 
  • [11:30] Question: Can you give the listeners your opinion on activation exercises and warm-up movements?
  • [14:30] Why would you fatigue the muscles that are smaller and more delicate, and then go do a bunch of big moments where they have to provide stability for that joint? That has never made much sense to me.” Paul Carter
  • [16:00] Question: What are your top three overrated hypertrophy exercises? What would be your top swap for those exercises?
  • [27:30] Chris Beardsley 
  • [31:30] Listener Question: “In my own training, I struggle with gauging intensity and knowing when I have effectively "failed." I come from a history of sweat-drenched, "burn" chasing, over-exercising. I have come a long way in not chasing "the burn," but still wonder if I'm actually getting close enough to failure and putting in enough intensity? I find myself sneaking in a lot of drop-sets or partials on my last set because I want to "feel" it more. . ..which I know is dumb. Anything Paul can say on how he uses "one hard set" and "not training to get tired" and implementing failure effectively would be great!!”
  • [40:00] Question: Under what circumstances is it okay to still train a muscle when it's still in that recovery state?
  • [42:00] Question: Is it really impossible to store excess protein as body fat?
  • [42:30] Alan Aragon.. Aka the King of nutrition 
  • [48:30] Episode 114: Protein Sparing Modified Fasts (PSMF) with Robert Sikes
  • [49:00] Question: What are the top reasons you see diets fail?
  • [1:00:30] Listeners can check out more from Paul on IG @liftrunbang1.0, Twitter @liftrunbang, Facebook @lift-run-bang 
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Rachel Gregory is a Board-Certified Nutritionist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Podcaster, and founder of MetFlex Life. She is also the author of the international best-selling book, "21-Day Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Challenge."

Rachel received her Master’s Degree in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology from James Madison University and Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Miami. Rachel completed the first-ever human clinical trial looking at the effects of the Ketogenic Diet in non-elite CrossFit athletes, which is published in the International Journal of Sports and Exercise Medicine.

Currently, in her day-to-day coaching business, Rachel guides her clients to becoming the best, most confident version of themselves. She has a passion for educating those dedicated to optimizing their physical and mental well-being while improving long-term health and fitness goals. Her most popular course, Keto for Women, has helped women all across the world learn how to ditch the restrictive, all-or-nothing mindset associated with keto and instead thrive through the power of metabolic flexibility.

You can connect and learn more about Rachel's work by visiting her website 

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