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MetFlex and Chill

May 14, 2021

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In this episode, Rachel gives a detailed update on her current fat loss phase and answers listener questions on topics including calorie cycling, diet breaks and refeeds, hunger and craving tips, muscle preservation, reverse dieting, nutritional periodization and more!

“There’s no magic in the way you go about setting up your weekly calorie intake. The magic is in the adherence." Rachel Gregory

Today's Questions:

  • How long should a cut last?
  • How long is your cut and are you using refeeds/diet breaks? How often?
  • What's your calorie intake?
  • What % deficit are you following?
  • How quickly do you drop calories? And how low do you think you'll go in calories?
  • Do you have any tricks during the first few days of a cut to avoid sugar cravings?
  • Have you lost muscle while cutting?
  • Will you reverse diet after the cut is over or stay at NEW maintenance for a while?
  • Can you talk about how your cut fits into your overall plan/goals for the next year?

Top Takeaways:

  • A general timeline for a fat loss phase
  • How to increase movement without incorporating more exercise
  • Tips and tricks on how to overcome cravings 
  • How to set your meal timing up for success
  • The number one component to prioritize during a fat loss phase
  • How to practice being in a maintenance phase  

Show Notes: